How the protests are being addressed in Philadelphia high school online classes

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With so much social unrest on the streets, how are Philadelphia's high school students processing the history being made before their eyes? 

At Philadelphia's Central High School, the nation's response to the death of George Floyd has come up in all of senior Mariame Sissoko's online classes.

"It's dominating the discussion,” Sissoko said. 

Senior Will Carney said sometimes his teachers will talk about the protests.

"Not a lot of class discussions on what's going on. But we do talk in our own groups, occasionally about what's going on,” Carney said. 

Sophomore Lin Lin said her class discussions have been about how students can make a difference.

"As an Asian-American in this country, especially with the video with George Floyd — the Asian police officer standing by — I think that I have been having a lot of thought about that and when we do have thoughts about that I try to bring it up,” she said. 

Lin said she's read about social change in history books, but this time, it's happening right in front of her.

Carney said he and his classmates are raising money for black-owned businesses that have been affected by the rioting.