Foodie Friday: MeMe's Bar and Grille in Chalmette

collage of MeMe's menu items (grilled oysters, redfish, steak, meatballs)
Photo credit MeMe's Bar and Grille

A nostalgic shiver runs up my spine when I see the worlds 'Lobster Night' or 'Prime Rib Night'. There's a place in the Parish you might want to check out if you too miss special nights like these.

MeMe's Bar & Grille is not new but there is a new chef and owner as of this past January. Chef Doug Braselman is born and raised in St. Bernard Parish and he knows what his locals want. He's serving up some amazing specials weekly during lunch ($20 2 course!) and dinner (check out their twilight specials!). Also, if you're looking for a great bar serving oysters...they got you!

MeMe's Bar and Grille
712 W Judge Perez Dr, Chalmette, LA 70043
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Featured Image Photo Credit: MeMe's Bar and Grille