Bills safety Jordan Poyer says Brady should hang it up


The truth hurts.

Tom Brady’s NFL future promises to be one of the hottest topics this offseason, despite his lousy performance this season and lifeless playoff effort against the Cowboys. But Bills safety Jordan Poyer, who’s developed into one of the best defenders in the game, says the all-time great should step aside.

Brady's broadcasting career is already a failure

“Tom, you know I love you, and I feel like I’ve been riding for you all year,” said Poyer on the aptly titled “Jordan Poyer Show,” per NESN. “Early on, you can go back to my podcast, I said you can’t count Tom out. And sure as [expletive] he made the playoffs. You did everything you could’ve did in this league. I understand you love this game. Go be with your kids, man. I didn’t like watching that game. It was hard to watch. You’re down 27-0 at halftime. He was defeated. You could see he was defeated. I still think he obviously knows everything about everything, the insides and out of football. But it does take 11 to play the game. Go be with your kids, Tom. I appreciate everything you’ve done in this league. I got two picks off of you, one to the crib. Lost both games. I’m 0-11 against you. Yes, please go. Go be with your kids, Tom.”

It’s hard to argue with Poyer, based off Monday’s result. As he mentioned, the Bucs were down 27-0 at halftime, and never competitive. Brady’s most memorable plays were a red-zone pick and failed attempt at a dirty slide tackle.

Poyer’s comments also illustrate the changing climate of the NFL. After 20 years, the league no longer centers around Brady, or Bill Belichick, for that matter. The Bills have won six of their last seven games against the Patriots.

Poyer, a first-team All-Pro, isn’t afraid of Brady’s mystique. Instead, he’s calling it like he sees it.

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