50 Eco-friendly places to visit Worldwide

3 U.S. States made the list
Photo credit Philip Steury / Getty Images

Eco-friendly and travel don't tend to mesh with a more conscious carbon footprint. The need for adventure, especially after being cooped up the past couple of years, has caused the rise of eco-tourism ... Making it possible to explore places in a greener way.

50 Best Eco-friendly Places to Visit in 2022 list features places that are doing good for Mama Earth. Committed to protecting natural resources, and investing in renewable energy for their communities. Beautiful places to explore the roads less travelled. It includes 3 U.S. States...

#45 Hawaii
* Setting high standards for marine conservation.
* First state to ban sunscreens with oxybenzone & octinoxate with a law out in January 2021.
* '30 by 30- Goal' Nearshore effectively managed by 2030

#28 Oregon
* An early member of the 'Green Movement'
* 52 state parks, miles of trails & forests
* eco-tourism
* 250-plus eco-friendly breweries / many wineries
* local sourcing / using renewable energy

#12 Colorado
* Eco-haven of outdoor adventures
* Denver is on track at achieving 100% renewable energy goal by 2023. Also working to introduce 125 miles of new bike lanes.
* 42 epic state parks with world-class skiing, hiking, wildlife-watching & more.

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