Breakup for Zero-Waste!Say bye bye to plastic bags and film at work!

Start with One Austin!
Photo credit Irina Tiumentseva / Getty Images

A breakup doesn't have to be bad. It can be good for all including the environment when it comes to plastic bags. Say bye bye to plastic bags (and film). Become a Net Zero Hero at work!

Plastic bags (and film) cannot be tossed in the blue bins, and definitely not in the trash for the landfill. Make it easy for Green team players at the office to breakup with their plastic bags (and film) by having a collection bin in a convenient place, and drop them off at a location designed to recycle them properly. Austin Resource Recovery has the tips and tools you'll need to have workplace success in achieving a Zero-Waste Goal. Go to startwithoneaustin

Going with reusable bags is all the Green Rage! Keep a few in your car, desk and close by for a quick grab. Always prepared for work and play! A Big 1Thing Win!

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