Give a Great Story! Shop Zero Waste!

Make meaningful memories!
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Austin Resource Recovery encourages us for this holiday season to give meaningful gifts with Zero Waste. During the month of December, Americans create 5.8 milion tons of waste! When we choose a thoughtful and resourceful way to give to our loved ones, it shows we care for them and the planet.

Zero Waste Holiday Gift / Ideas:

1 Take a cooking class on line

2 Fix an item that means a lot to someone you love, and give it to them rather than having it tossed in the trash. Or perhaps fix something that has been passed down each generation in your family. (Great Stories to tell)

3 Support local artists and performers. Give the gift of going to a concert or theatrical performance.

4 Give gift cards to local restaurants and businesses that have sustainable practices.

5 When wrapping a gift, reuse materials like newspaper, posters, maps and fabric.

6 Send an e-card to spread the holiday joy.

7 Buy from local / farmers' markets for holiday meals.

8 Set the table with reusable plates and utensils, so you can wash rather than toss them.

9 Keep track of leftovers and compost what you can’t eat.

10 Buy what you need, rather than more. The Guest -imator is a helpful tool to use for meal planning.

Austin Reuse Directory can help you find locations to buy thrift, vintage and upcycled items. Where to repair a beloved item. Rental services. Places to donate or sell gently used items. You can get in the spirit of giving back while giving this holiday season! Spread the Zero Waste Cheer into the New Year!

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