Pop Star launches a clean water company

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Justin Bieber may be $200 Million Dollars + richer, and celebrates in Polka Dots! He also uses his Pop Star status for helping others! He's a Sustainabillity Champion for the Planet with his newest eco-friendly business venture.

Justin Bieber teamed up with Micah Cravalho turning the bottled water brand Generosity into a water technology company. Supplying premium alkaline water in refillable fountains across the globe.

Justin Bieber's eco-friendly goal is to give the world access to the best water. Help countries across the globe protect their people and the environment from the overuse of plastic. Be more sustainable!

Generosity has created premium water to be dispensed through sustainable fountains. Ready to be used at major venues, festivals and in homes during 2023! Big 1Thing Win! Big Biebs Love!

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