Top 10 most common beauty products thrown out in the US

Bad & Good News!
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The Body Shop took a survey to find out how much beauty plastic packaging was being tossed out in the US, and folks attitudes towards recycling and sustainability. Most beauty products are made from plastic and have plastic packaging whether it's razors, deodorant, shampoos and more. All this leads to Beauty Plastic Waste Pile Up, and the Bad News!

The Top 10 most common beauty products that are thrown out in the US every month:
1 Razors over 384 million
2 Shampoo over 369 million
3 Deodorant over 367 million
4 Toothbrush over 350 million
5 Shower gel over 286 million
6 Face wash over 262 million
7 Conditioner over 248 million
8 Body moisturizer over 244 million
9 Body lotion over 244 million
10 Hair brush over 216 million

It's important to reduce plastic usage, and recycle as much as possible. This is where the Good News happens!

The Top 10 cities for Beauty Plastic Waste Recycling. These are the cities leading the way.
1 New York
2 Austin - ROCKIN' IT!
3 San Diego
4 Los Angeles
5 Washington DC
6 San Jose
7 Chicago
8 Boston
9 Charolette
10 San Francisco
Top 21 here

New York is first with the highest amount of people regularly recycling their beauty plastic waste at 65.4%. Austin is just shy of that coming in second with recycling at 65.3%. Every little bit helps to reach ATX Zero Waste Goal in 2040!

54% of Americans are more likely to buy from companies that use sustainable materials, and reduce plastic waste.
50% of Americans are trying to reduce their beauty plastic consumption.
43% only buy from brands that have little to no plastic waste.

The Body Shop always has sustainability front of mind using natural ingredients in all their products. They support farmers and artisans all over the world as part of their Community Fair Trade Program. Their packaging is made from recycled plastics and plant-based materials where possible. Their goal for 2022 is to package the products with a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Recently, The Body Shop joined forces with leading B Corporations to help make the beauty world even better for the environment. A Big 1Thing Win!