Karson & Kennedy Clear the List 8/18/22

Clear the List
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We continued highlighting teachers in our area paying out of pocket to get their classrooms ready for the school year with two incredible women. We heard from Ms. W, a health teacher in Worcester known as the "supply lady" because she ensures kids have things like toothbrushes, feminine products, and deodorant. Click here to clear her list! We also heard from Beth who is a music teacher who works for a delivery app to get money to buy instruments for her students. Click here to clear her list! Below you will find more lists in need of clearing! Thank you!

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My name is Mckenzie. I am a new 5/6 teacher in Newton and am looking for some help to clear my list of supplies for my classroom. The last few years, I have been a long term sub in the district, and it has been great to meet so many kids and see how various teachers run their classroom.

It’s been a crazy few years for me and my road to teaching. I’m originally from Michigan, and it’s where all my family still is. I started student teaching in Jan 2020, pandemic hit (we took a slight break to figure things out), and then I student taught until June 2020 on Zoom with my mentor teacher.  I was lining up a job for the Fall when my husband came home and told me we were getting transferred to Boston! My teaching license didn’t transfer so I had to start all over here, take all the teacher tests and I passed them all last summer! It’s been a time, but I love it here.

I am a fun, interactive teacher who loves building relationships with her students. I make sure my classroom is welcoming, feels safe and my students are always greeted by me with a smile on my face.


My name is Renai and this is my tenth year teaching and my second year teaching Kindergarten in my current district. My district is full of kind people with strong school spirit. They also are a community of significant need were more than half get free and reduced lunch and where for most students school is where they are most loved, secure and fed.

Small children need hands on learning to thrive and successful hands on learning in kindergarten takes a lot of toys, crafts and games.  All things that are the responsibility of the teacher to find.  One of the most heartbreaking things is knowing what your students need but not being able to provide it because you lack resources yourself.

Thank you for your consideration. By clearing teacher list you are making an immediate positive impact on local communities.


Thank you for your continued support of teachers and their classrooms. My name is Amanda Rosado and I am a first grade teacher in Lowell, Massachusetts.   We are getting ready to set up our classrooms and start the year!  I am beginning my 26th year teaching. My team is my lifeline and we do theme-based teaching and decorating for our hallway. We are changing things up the year and are excited to help our students reach for the stars!  I've included the link for our Amazon wish list. Thanks again, I appreciate you!!


My name is Holly Brouillette and I teach at Waltham High School! I teach Biomedical Sciences and Biology. My biomedical science classes are focused on preparing the next generation of healthcare professionals by learning everything from biology, taking vital signs, treating injuries, and more! In biology this year I will be teaching students who have English as a Second Language and will be teaching them English through the lens of biology!


My name is Mary Reedy and I am a 6th grade literacy teacher at Joseph H. Martin Middle School in Taunton, MA. I am going into my fourth year of teaching and I cannot wait to meet my new kiddos. My goal every year is to make my classroom a safe and comfortable learning environment for all students.
I would love to fill my classroom with new supplies, exciting and engaging books, flexible seating options, and some decorations to make our room feel like home! My students and I would greatly appreciate any donations big or small! Thank you!