Jose Canseco takes aim at Mark McGwire in latest cheating claims


Former MLB star Jose Canseco has once again accused legendary slugger and former Oakland A's teammate Mark McGwire of cheating the game.

Canseco, who accused McGwire and several other baseball stars of abusing performance-enhancers in his infamous 2005 best-selling book "Juiced," took to social media to level another wild allegation against his former "Bash Brother."

According to Canseco, Big Mac not only gained an unfair advantage from his use of PEDs -- but also "corked his bat before every game."

Former White Sox and Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen, who played against both Canseco and McGwire during his own playing career, registered his skepticism that McGwire would have the time to cork his bat every day.

Bat-corking is an inexact science, but it typically entails hollowing out the inside of the bat and filling it with a "bouncier" material, in order to give a well-struck ball a little extra distance off the bat.

In 2010, McGwire fessed up to taking anabolic steroids intermittently throughout his career, claiming it was mostly for "health purposes" and that he didn't think he needed the juice to help him hit home runs.

McGwire was one of about a dozen prominent baseball stars who famously testified before Congress in March 2005 regarding the use of steroids in the game.

The feared slugger, who finished his career with 583 homers -- including a then-record 70 bombs he recorded with the St. Louis Cardinals amid the thrilling 1998 home run chase -- declined to answer lawmakers' questions, which for many discerning fans represented an admission of guilt.

McGwire had previously acknowledged using performance-enhancers such as androstenedione, now a banned substance, during the '98 chase.

Last month, Canseco claimed he personally injected "a couple" Hall of Fame players with steroids.

Some fans and baseball observers on social media took the humorous route in response to Canseco's bold claim on Friday.