Michael Kay destroyed the Yankees for using '04 collapse to the Red Sox as motivation


Michael Kay is not happy the Yankees used their 2004 collapse to the Red Sox as motivation to come back from their 3-0 deficit to the Astros.

On his ESPN Radio show Monday, Kay lambasted the Yankees for their ridiculous decision. Mental conditioning coach Chad Bohling distributed a clip to the players following their Game 3 loss. Manager Aaron Boone confirmed the clip was passed out.

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“How in baseball God’s name can you be so tone deaf as an organization, as if to do that?,” asked Kay. “How can you be that tone deaf? I mean talk about bad optics. Are you out of your mind? I talked to three players from the ’04 team. They were outraged by the fact that their failure was being used as motivation for the 2022 team.”

Kay, who’s called Yankee games in some capacity since 1992, was downright incredulous — invoking an analogy involving Abraham Lincoln’s family and shootings in theaters.

“It would be like somebody from Lincoln’s family, and you’re trying to teach them about shootings in theaters and how to avoid it. I mean, are you out of your mind?,” he yelled.

Reminding active players of the franchise’s worst postseason loss is an awful motivational tactic, and fitting for a team that doesn’t know how to win in October anymore.

The Yankees have now gone 13 years without a World Series appearance, and have been eliminated by the Astros four times over the last eight seasons. Last season, the Red Sox walloped the Yankees in the Wild Card game at Fenway Park.

Over the past 22 years, Brian Cashman has spent $4.66 billion on payroll to win one championship.

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