Rex Ryan rants and raves about Mac Jones being compared to Brady: 'I'd beat his tail off'


Rex Ryan is tired of hearing Mac Jones compared to Tom Brady. The former Jets head coach hasn’t been this fired up about something since he announced he wanted to get a “g— snack.”

On ESPN’s “Get Up” Monday, analyst Dan Orlovsky was gushing about Jones’ performance against the Jets, in which the rookie went 22-of-30 for 186 yards. Orlovsky, who’s been bullish about Jones for a while, said he doesn’t think the Brady comparisons are out of line. “He’s playing exactly the way they want him,” Orlovsky said. “To beat New England this year, you’re going to have to absolutely grind them. That’s just the reality. That’s the style of ball that Bills want you to do. … No. 10 isn’t going to give you games when you’re playing against the Patriots.”

That analysis caused Ryan to raise his voice and rant and rave.

“This dude ain’t Tom Brady,” Ryan said. “I’ve faced him a million times. I’d beat [Jones'] tail off if I played against this quarterback. I can guarantee you that. This is not Tom Brady. There’s no defense to it. I went against [Brady]. He’s the greatest of all-time. This guy, he doesn’t have the arm talent of Tom Brady.”

Braggadocio aside — Ryan has a career coaching record of 65-68, so it’s not a guarantee he’d beat anybody’s “tail off” — he is right about one thing: Mac Jones isn’t Tom Brady. But nobody is saying that. The point of comparison is Jones to Brady of 2001 — his first season as a starter. Much like Brady, Jones is precise and runs a crisp offense.

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Of course, we haven’t seen whether Jones can lead a game-winning drive in January — or September. So it’s still too early to say he’s even the same as Brady of ’01.

But there are similarities. Even Charlie Weis thinks so, and he was Brady’s offensive coordinator from 2001-04.

That’s where Ryan is wrong. Well, and there’s one other thing, too.

“I can also tell you this, Bill Belichick is still the greatest,” Ryan said. “But when he never had Tom Brady, I whipped his butt, and I would whip this kid’s butt.”

Ryan appears to be referring to Week 4 of the 2016 season, the final game of Brady’s Deflategate suspension. The Bills won a snoozer 16-0, with Jacoby Brissett under center, playing for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo.

Overall, Ryan went 4-12 against the Patriots as a head coach. If he played against Jones, he would probably be 4-13.