Tommy Pham comes up with quote of the year after one of biggest hits of the year


Tommy Pham is no stranger to walk-off hits.

So when he lined the game-winning single down the third base line in the 10th inning of what would be a 3-2 win for the Red Sox over the Yankees Friday night, he knew the drill.

Run away from the oncoming teammates until they finally catch you, and then pay the price with a celebratory shower and then subsequent explanations of the big moments.

"I have had a lot of them," he said when asked about his history of walk-offs. (He actually has had three, with his last one coming with the Rays in 2019.)

So, Pham also understood the proper way to punctuate the process. In 2017, he called his moment "Phamtastic" on the St. Louis Cardinals postgame broadcast.

And this time, he went next-level with quality of quote.

"With the game-winning run 90 feet away, what's your approach in that situation?" asked NESN's Jahmai Webster.

"End it," Pham responded. "We don't get paid for overtime. End it."

Sure enough. As promised, he was economical, plating Christian Arroyo with the game-winner. ("I learned if I touch second it's a double," Pham said. "So I'm glad I learned something new today.")

Considering what Pham has represented since arriving at the trade deadline, this was one of the best-case scenarios for Alex Cora and Co. In his 10 games with the Red Sox, the outfielder has scored seen runs and knocked in nine while boasting a .784 OPS.

On this night, it moved the Red Sox to within two games of .500 while sitting four back of the final Wild Card spot.

"He’s a good player. He likes it here," said Cora of Pham. "All of them, the three of them, because we always talk about Hos (Eric Hosmer) and Tommy, and Reese (McGuire), he’s a good player too. They fit right in. they’re enjoying the atmosphere. They’re looking forward to more games like this and they’ve done an amazing job for us so far."

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