Listen as Michael Cera talks to Justin Long about being a first-time dad

'You can’t even measure how much joy throughout the day'
Michael Cera
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On a brand new episode of Life is Short with Justin LongMichael Cera joins Justin to talk about what it's like to be a first-time dad, how he met his wife, and why he has kept away from social media all these years.

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Whether he was serious or just joking around about not being sure why people think he’s so private, during his chat with Justin, Michael was more than happy to share a few deets about having his first kid. News he didn’t realize he had to tweet about.

Earlier this year, news about Cera and his wife having a brand new baby boy was accidentally disclosed by Amy Schumer. Since then, Cera hasn’t really said much, but also insists that's not just a media thing, “Were not like posting pictures of him on Facebook,” in respect to their kid, Michael said. “I don’t know if he’d consent to being posted.”

Admittedly not growing up with the “I want to be a dad” gene, Michael is now settled into the roll and overjoyed with the way things worked out. “It’s so great… you can’t even measure how much joy throughout the day, it’s just like amazing. Especially now, cause my guy is coming up on one.”

Talking to Justin about learning how to juggle life, and realizing certain pastimes are just no longer a thing, Michael shared that while he’s learned how to create balance, he still misses his little one when he has to go to work.

Recently just finishing up work on an upcoming project, a little film you all might know as 'The Barbie Movie' (nbd), Cera spent a few months in London, admitting that, “when your working, you really miss the kids. It’s a crazy thing, I just think about him all day, and look at pictures of him.”

Micheal went on to share the very meet-cute way he met his wife Nadine, discuss his and Justin’s past hookah bar days, plus how and why he went about having sit downs with some of the greats including Gene Wilder and Charles Grodin, and so much more.

To hear to the whole conversation listen to the entire episode above.

Is it just us or is time flying by? How do we make the most out of our short time here on Earth? That’s what Justin Long and his brother Christian are here to find out. As an actor, Justin is used to getting inside character's heads. But as he gets older, he's interested in peeking inside the heads of real people, to learn how they find meaning in life. Life is Short gets personal with all kinds of people, from actors to musicians to deep thinkers, with new episodes every Tuesday.

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