University educators to call police if students don't mask up correctly


As classes get started at Louisiana State University (LSU), professors are advised to call the cops if students don't comply with COVID rules.

"Be aware that there is a mask mandate on campus throughout the entire semester. This means that everyone must appropriately wear and appropriate mask during class," one professor wrote in a welcome letter to student.

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He went on to say that failure to comply would result in police intervention.

"According to the LSU, if I deem that masks are continually being worn inappropriately in class, I must stop teaching and call LSU police," the email advised students.

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The professor went on to say that not only must masks fully cover a wearers mouth and nose, but it must be multi-layerd.

"An appropriate mask must have at least a double layer of fabric. Regular medical masks and most fabric masks have a double layer. Of note, the vast majority of gaiters are single-layered. This means that gaiters, if worn, need to be folded over once to create a double fabric layer over the face.