The Great U.S. Treasure Hunt is in ATX on Saturday!

Find the $1000 Coin!
Photo credit CrackerClips Getty Images

It's happening this Saturday, August 13 in ATX! The Great U. S. Treasure Hunt! The Treasure is a $1,000 coin that is hidden within 50 miles of the Texas State Capitol. Here are the steps to get in on the hunt!

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Saturday morning (word is between 10a-11a) you'll get 5 puzzles to solve.

One of the puzzles will tell you the location. Once you've solved it, send the solution to

Then you and your treasure hunting buddy must physically get the coin to win! There can be multiple correct solutions, but you must have the coin to complete the WIN! Prizes through 6th place! Thousands expected to participate. The word is the first 2 hunts in Las Vegas & Los Angeles were done within 100 minutes. Get your treausure hunting crew together!

Register! Solve! Solution! Find! WIN! Good luck!