A best selling children's portrait book celebrates 'Magical Visions of Black Beauty'

A couple's 2 years labor of love turns to 'Glory'
Camer photographer Getty Images

Regis and Kahran Bethencourt describe themselves as artists obsessed with telling a unique and visual story. Their great passion and love of their art and each other turned into their visual baby Creative Soul Photography. For over 10 years they have worked together with children, families and brands capturing precious moments that empower and uplift the soul with unconventional beauty.

Regis and Kahran's mantra 'Be Seen' has been shared by Teen Vogue, Glamour Magazine, the OWN Network and more. Last February, they created a series of photos of Disney princesses of all young black girls. The series aimed at redefining and reimagining the traditional princess. Showing girls all over the world they can be a regal princess in their own way. It struck a cord and went viral. The photos are awe-inspiring.

Regis and Kahran continued with their 2 years labor of love ... 'Glory'. A children's portrait book that has become a New York Times Best Seller! Showing the world Black is Beautiful Excellence. It's one to get, share and cherish. #myglory #MagicalVisionsofBlackBeauty

Keep Regis and Kahran Bethencourt on your radar. Making beautiful noise with powerful messages through their visions that moves 2021 towards Social Justice.