What does Eco-friendly mean?

A term being used with increasing popularity.
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Eco-friendly literally means Earth-friendly. A way of life and marketing products targeted to practices that considers the health of the Earth to contribute to the planet's longevity. Avoid practices and products that can harm the Earth. Finding ways and products that will conserve resources and energy. Helping to stop damage, and possibly reversing damaging effects.

More people and companies goals have been trending to 'going-green' by focusing on eco-friendly practices. Being more conscious of purchases and creating habits that help the environment.

What are eco-friendly products? For a product to be friendly to the environment it needs to avoid causing harm and damage to it and us. Many factors come into place such as being non-toxic, sustainably-grown, raised or gathered materials produced using methods and practices that don't damage the environment .

Organic, sustainable and biodegradable products fit in the eco-friendly lifestyle. But are they? This is where green labels come into play. Knowing what to look for, and what they stand for. Here's all ecolabels in the US.

Eco-friendly living is important to the quality of life for us and the Earth. Using nature's surroundings for our own purposes without any thought to the effect of actions taken, tends to cause more harm and damage. Taking conscious actions that lead to eco-friendly practices creating a positive impact leading to a happy healthier environment. Discover easy things you can do to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Click here!

Here are some successful brands that are choosing to have a positive impact on the environment.

Try doing 1Thing each day creating positive impacts in the communities we live in together.