All The Feels

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Description:School principals do so much more behind that scenes than students and parents will ever realize, like Janet Throgmorton for example. She is not only the principal of Fancy Farm Elementary School, but she's currently working double duty to get kids to and from school.


Janet has been principal for 11 years, but felt like she needed to do more for her students. So two years ago, she got her commercial driver's license so she could sub as a bus driver during field trips to save the district money. But principal and bus driver aren't the only hats she wear. Janet is determined to help everywhere she can!


On top of being a busy principal, she's been pitching in for the cafeteria staff, picking up students in her own car if they miss the bus, and even making house calls to help remote learners with technical difficulties. Janet says that she is happy to help out wherever she is needed, because that's what a principal does!


The students and their parents are so grateful to have a principal who goes out of their way to support their staff and help their students. Our challenge to you today is to thank your principal!