All The Feels

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When you're not feeling well, what's the one thing you need? Is it soup, ginger ale, or maybe just a hug from your mom? When Noel Schoessow was in fourth grade, he had to undergo eye surgery and recover in the hospital. The one thing that made him feel better, was a puppet named “Fido.”

Now that Noel is all grown up, he wanted to give kids who are in the hospital now something special to keep with them! He knows that having a special friend can keep them from being lonely, so he started a non-profit group called the Bear Hug Project.

The Bear Hug Project buys teddy bears from Build-A-Bear and distributes them to kids in the hospital. Since he started the charity in 2011, more than 3,000 bears have been donated. Every stuffed animal comes with a ribbon, a birth certificate, and a special name for each bear chosen by the volunteers.

Noel knows that the bears put a smile of the kid's faces, but he also admits that being able to deliver the gifts himself puts a smile his face. Our challenge to you today is to share the things that make you happy with others! You never know how helpful your ideas for comfort can be to someone in need.