96 Second News 11/16/2021

Meet the couple who got engaged at the Adele show.
96 Second News

Meet the couple who got engaged at Adele’s One Night Only comeback concert on Sunday. This is Ashleigh Mann, 33 and Quentin Brunson, 31. They have been dating for 7 years and although the concert aired Sunday night it was tapped a month ago. Which means the couple kept their engagement a secret for a month!So Britney Spears is free and the question is: What now? What would you do first after being set free? Britney shared that she just had her first glass of champagne! She is going to be celebrating her freedom and her birthday for the next 2 months, and we will celebrate with her.

How did Quentin secure this spot? He made a video for a decoy company who had a casting calls for Adele fans who were looking to get engaged.

Ashleigh joked in an interview with CBS yesterday morning that she is now “best friends” with Lizzo, Kerry Washington and Melissa McCarthy who the couple sat next to after the proposal took place.

So where did Ashleigh think she was going? During the interview she said she thought she was going on a “hayride” because she had been talking about going to a pumpkin patch. Imagine her surprise when she opened her eyes and there was an audience and ADELE! If you missed it, here it is again.

Did you grow up watching Barney? There is a brand new 3 part documentary coming to Peacock all about the purple dinosaur. It’s coming to us from the producers of Queer Eye, so you know it’s going to be good.

It was a huge weekend for Taylor Swift and Spotify is adding on top of it by announcing yesterday that Red (Taylor’s Version) broke the record as the most-streamed album in a day and surpassed the Spotify record for most-streamed female in 24 hours. She also took home the record for the longest musical act ever allowed to air on SNL for her 10 minute version of “All Too Well”.

Margot Robbie is pregnant? People saw her and her husband out shopping and buying a onesie and teddy bear at a baby boutique. This would be her first child with husband Tom Ackerly.