Mix 96.5 Pet of the Week: Alaska

Photo credit Mix 96.5

Hi, I'm Alaska!! I am two years old and as you can see, I am extremely beautiful! Unfortunately, despite being a supermeowdel, I've had pretty bad luck finding my forever home so far. I was adopted as a kitten and then returned over a year later and it turned my whole life upside down! I was stressed and angry, and didn't really know how to cope. Because I'm so gorgeous, I got adopted again soon after, but got returned again. Ok, so maybe I had a couple of "issues" and maybe some of them were "my fault", but I don't react well to stress!! I've been in Rude Kitty Rehab for the past few months in the foster home I grew up in, and I'm finally feeling like my old self again and ready to find my perfect family!! Since I get stressed out easily, foster mom recommends a slow introduction to the house and family by giving me my own space like a bathroom for a few days until I feel comfortable. I'm not a big fan of other animals - I don't like to share the spotlight! - but I'll tolerate a well behaved cat if I have to. I might pee on their favorite cat bed though, just so they know who is in charge!! Being in Rude Kitty Rehab has taught me a lot about handling stressful situations. Having guests over is what set off my issues in my last home, but now, once I'm comfortable in my space, I actually welcome guests who come by to ask for my autograph! Luckily Rude Kitty Rehab doesn't make you give up catnip, because I'm in love with my catnip toys!! It's so fun to roll around and toss them in the air! I also love drinking from the sink faucet, and will demand that you turn it on for me any time you enter the bathroom!! I love napping on the top of my cat tree or on my bed (you might say it's "your" bed, but we both know better!) and I'm a big fan of some light nighttime cuddling. I have a big purr motor when I'm in a cuddly mood, and love to be petted on the head. I have a lot to say, and naturally, as a celebrity, everything I say is important, so I expect you to listen! I'd love to have a safe catio to explore to supplement my indoor-only lifestyle, because I love soaking up the sunshine! Things I don't like include car rides, cat carriers, non-flowing water, skipping meals, being ignored, and being touched on the butt. Seriously - don't touch my butt!!

My perfect forever home is one where my issues are understood and I can continue to work towards a totally stress-free life! I may sound a little high maintenance - and what celebrity isn't? - but once I've settled in I'll show you just how purrfect we can be together!

Adoption Fee: $85