Mix 96.5 Pet of the Week: Maleficent

Photo credit Mix 96.5

Maleficent looks like a cane corso and pittie mix - she's absolutely stunning with a big ole head to go with it! She's currently 76 pounds (but needs to lose some weight), potty trained and does great in a kennel. She's a quiet girl that loves to be petted and can't stand to be in a separate room from you, so she'll always find you! She's gentle and polite in taking treats, and her personality is coming out more and more everyday. Maleficent is an amazing companion! She loves to play one on one, loves toys, and loves cuddles. Unfortunately, she does not get along with other dogs at all. She gets super attached easily and will lay by your side when you're doing chores or just playing games. She knows quite a few words like...outside, treat, sit, lay down, roll over, and even kennel. If you're wanting a lover dog, Maleficent is definitely the one for you. Maleficent needs to be the only pet in the home, but she does not react on leash when she sees other animals. Apply to meet the beautiful Maleficent today!

Adoption Fee: $100