Mix 96.5 Pet of the Week: Chrissy Snow

Chrissy Snow
Photo credit Mix 96.5

Hello there my name is Chrissy Snow and I won the sweetest kitten award at my foster parents house. My eye was injured as a small kitten and they had to remove it. I really love showing my people on a hourly basis how much I do love and appreciate them by giving you cheek rubs and nose bumps and I even throw in a few kisses but not too many, I know my tongue is scratchy. My foster mom says I talk a lot but I just want to make sure everyone knows I'm there and I really would like you to pick me up or pet me. I love hanging out on shoulders and will jump to get on one any opportunity I get. I love to help my foster my sweep, vacuum and scoop the litter boxes. I'm very active and playful and really love chasing the automatic laser pointer. I love to snuggle in the cat tree for morning naps and the heating pad they had was oh so good. I'm looking for a home full of love and good treats; is that you?

Adoption Fee: $85

Featured Image Photo Credit: Mix 96.5