96 Seconds News 12-3-2021

96 Second News

Demi Lovato just made a pretty big move in their sobriety journey by announcing they are now focusing on being fully sober instead of “California sober”. Demi described their version of California sober as occasionally smoking weed and drinking in moderation. Yesterday they announced that being sober is the only way that works for them!

Seth Rogan went on Jimmy Fallon to share his experience at Adele’s One Night Only where he and his wife were seated in the front row despite not knowing Adele and also showing up high.

Forbes unveiled their “30 Under 30” list for 2022 including Miranda Cosgrove, Jack Harlow, Olivia Rodrigo, Jojo Siwa, Bella Thorne, Devin Booker and more.

What’s the farthest you’ve gone to impress the person you like? Machine Gun Kelly just shared with Jimmy Fallon how he stabbed himself to impress Megan Fox. Not on purpose!! He was trying to throw it up and catch it, and it ended with stitches.

Everyone has that one celebrity they can’t stand for no reason *ANNE HATHAWAY* but do you really not like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett? There is an actual petition started to ask people to stop interviewing them. The comments say “Everything I learn about this couple is against my will.” People apparently don’t care about hearing about this couple because as of last night there were almost 15,000 signatures.