Lovie Smith: Texans sticking with Davis Mills at quarterback


(SportsRadio 610) - Texans head coach Lovie Smith acknowledged Monday their passing attack is not where they need it to be after four games.

The Texans (0-3-1) are the only winless NFL team and it's in no small part due to their inability to stretch the field the way they need to. Only five teams are averaging fewer yards per passing attempt and second-year quarterback Davis Mills has not improved much from his rookie season.

Mills is tied for the fifth-most poor throws and eighth-worst poor throw percentage, according to Pro Football Reference.

In Sunday's 34-24 loss at home to the Los Angeles Chargers, Mills threw a costly interception on the third play of the game, resulting in a quick touchdown drive for LA. The Chargers never looked back.

There was a moment on the CBS broadcast where it appeared backup quarterback Kyle Allen was warming up to replace Mills, but that never happened.

Head coach Lovie Smith was asked Monday morning whether there have been conversations about making a change at quarterback.

"We’re not making a change at the quarterback position," Smith said. "The things we’ve talked about is with Davis (Mills) leading us and whatever Davis (Mills) and everyone, coaches, what we all need to do better. Did I just tell you we were in the fourth quarter? Do you know who our quarterback was that led us in position to take the lead there at the end? Davis Mills. He’s our quarterback."

It's a strong vote of confidence in Mills expressed by the head coach. The truth is benching Mills does not make much sense for where the Texans are at this point.

The 2022 season is more about player development and evaluation than results. This was never going to be a playoff contending team.

It's smarter to allow Mills, as long as he's healthy, to sink or swim as the starter if for no other reason to unequivocally rule him out as quarterback No. 1 of the future. The only upside in winning ballgames is the week-to-week morale boost it provides.

But the Texans will almost certainly be in the market for a new quarterback - a floor raiser rather than a project - in 2023. For now, Mills is holding his place.

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