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Virginia a best state to retire in
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Wicker & Wilde have a few years to figure out their plans but if you counting down the days or years until you can say goodbye to your nine to five job and move to the beach or a cabin in the woods then this news is for you! Many people dream of retiring and where they’ll spend their golden years, but it turns out, some places are better for it than others and a new report reveals which states are the best and the worst. Good news is that you may already be in just the right place.

WalletHub has judged all 50 states on 47 key indicators of retirement-friendliness, ranking each state on affordability, health-related factors and overall quality of life.

Based on their analysis, Virginia tops the list as the best state to retire in for 2023.It scored a 57.55 overall, coming in 11th for both quality of life and health care. Alabama is first for affordability and 22nd overall, while Massachusetts is number one for quality of life and 17th overall, and Minnesota, eighth overall, is first for health care.On the flip side, the worst state for retirement in 2023 is Kentucky, which ranks in the bottom 10 for both quality of life and health care.

10 Best States for Retirement

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1. Virginia
2. Florida
3. Colorado
4. Wyoming
5. Delaware
6. New Hampshire
7. South Dakota
8. Minnesota
9. Idaho
10. North Dakota

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