Is House Music having a moment? Beyoncé and the 'BREAK MY SOUL' revolution

‘Switched On Pop’ unpacks house music and Beyoncé’s latest single
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There’s been an undeniable buzz that Beyoncé is “bringing house music back,” according to the Switched on Pop podcast.

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Earlier this month, Beyoncé dropped the lead single off of her upcoming album, Renaissance. “Break My Soul” not only broke the internet, but sparked a ton of conversation. “This is a significant release for Beyoncé,” says SOP host and songwriter Charlie Harding. “She’s putting this out in a new and creative way. She doesn't abide by the traditional album and single release model,” he adds.

Produced by Tricky Stewart and The Dream, “Break My Soul” draws from several places of inspiration: lyrically, it’s a dance-floor ode to liberation, soundtracking the current cultural moment that some have called the “Great Resignation.” Sonically, the record is Beyoncé’s foray into house music.

From Charli XCX to Drake, house music is currently having a moment in mainstream pop music. In this episode of Switched On Pop, the hosts unpack house music – and how Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” fits into the genre.

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