MOD SUN on bringing his song 'Battle Scars' to the world: 'It’s bigger than me'

Performing this weekend at Audacy's Oceanfront Concerts at Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships
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Following the release of a new short-film for his single, “Battle Scars,” MOD SUN checked in with Audacy to talk to Vaughn about the new project, his forthcoming album, and upcoming performance at Audacy's Oceanfront Concerts at Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships. 

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"'Battle Scars' is such an important song to me,” said the 35-year-old. “I really had to make sure the music video did it justice, which is why I knew it had to be a short film."

MOD is giving fans a gripping glimpse into his struggles with toxic addiction and relationships through the new short-film, "Battle Scars," which he co-directed alongside Charlie Zwick. 

To debut the song live for the first time, MOD will be taking over the Rutter Mills stage in Virginia Beach along with The Offspring, on Saturday August 27. To also be joined by a power-filled lineup including Ava Max, Third Eye BlindBen Harper & The Innocent Criminals and more throughout the upcoming weekend (August 25 – 28).

WATCH NOW: Audacy Check In with MOD SUN


While he’s excited to head back to VB, MOD SUN is ecstatic to finally have “Battle Scars” out in the world, after holding on to the song for years waiting for the right time, “I know, It’s a song with a resolution which I love. It’s a story that… feels like it has a climactic moment and it has a turn around,” MOD responded after Vaughn pointed out the unavoidable F bomb on the track.

Happy to finally be talking about the track, MOD is even happier to be able to perform it.

“There’s some songs that it doesn’t matter how much time passes, it takes you right back to the time it was made… The way that this song is performed and sung, and lyrically… more than anything I’ve looked at this song like it’s bigger than me,” MOD said. “There’s so many relatable points in just about leaving toxicity, people being in toxic relationships, or even on a road of toxicity not even relationship wise.”

And though he used his own experiences of overcoming his battles with addiction, and coming out of toxic situations on the other side, MOD expressed that “Battle Scars” is “more of a song for other people than it is for me.” Noting, “I feel like this song can reach a lot of people that never even heard of me.”

As always, MOD SUN kept the conversation beautifully honest, delving into how despite his struggles, his successes aren’t entirely surprising to him because he knows he put in the work. That being said, he doesn’t take himself too seriously, and considers himself “the luckiest dude around.”

“I’m so excited to be part of this show, and so grateful to be on it, and obviously playing wit The Offspring is so nuts dude.”

Tune in to the entire chat above.

To find out more info on Audacy's Ocean Front Concerts click here, and check out "Battle Scars" short film below.

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