Lizzo played 'Truth Or Shot' and drank an 'About Damn Time' cocktail with Seth Myers: Watch now

According to Lizzo, Seth 'did a really bad job'
Lizzo and host Seth Meyers during "Day Drinking with Lizzo"
Lizzo and host Seth Meyers during "Day Drinking with Lizzo" Photo credit Lloyd Bishop/NBC via Getty Images

Lizzo joined Seth Meyers for “Day Drinking” on his Late Night show and trust, it was 17 minutes of pure comedy. They took turns playing a series of games that ultimately led them to being completely intoxicated but made it a hilarious episode to watch.

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The episode opens up with the two taking a shot of tequila from a shot flute – an ode to Lizzo as she is known for her amazing skills on the flute.

The first game they played was a play on Lizzo being a fashion icon. Lizzo had to guess where she wore certain outfits, and if she guessed wrong, she had to take a shot, if she guessed right Seth had to drink. After answering two correct in a row, Seth shockingly asked “how do you know this?” to which Lizzo responded, “I was there.”

The next game you could feel the bad decisions through the screen. Seth mixed drinks based on Lizzo’s career; concocting cocktails like ‘About Damn Wine’ and ‘GRRRLS,’ but according to Lizzo, Seth, “did a really bad job.” This led to an impromptu game of wag-the-bag where Lizzo showed Seth and viewers that she is clearly a pro.

Waging the bag is when you pull the bag out of boxed wine, slap the bag and then chug from the spigot.

Inspired by her song “Truth Hurts” and the classic game truth or dare, Seth and Lizzo played a game of truth or shot, where Lizzo went 1 for 3, and you can see the incline of their drunkenness continue.

In a brief intermission between games, Seth got the bright idea to call his dad and leave a voicemail where Lizzo left a shocking message at the end that forced Seth to have to call back and apologize.

In a cheesy attempt of forcing Lizzo to laugh, they played a corny game of "Nog Nog jokes," where Seth would tell egg-nog-inspired knock-knock jokes trying to get Lizzo to laugh, if he succeeded she would take a shot, if he failed, he would take a shot. Lizzo was pretty confident that Seth would not get her to laugh because she can be a “stone-cold b***h.”

Seth doesn't believe her, as she's been, “laughing at a lot of dumb s*** today.” Just when Lizzo thought Seth couldn’t break her, his last joke left her laughing out of her seat. At this point, it is more than obvious they are plastered but it’s giving quality entertainment.

In the last segment, they fake break up with each other based on scenarios given to them in a box, they could hardly take themselves seriously.

Closing out the episode, Lizzo finally gets to unmask one of Seth’s writers who she swore looked just like actor Paul Rudd, but after the dramatic reveal, she realized they look nowhere near each other. You can watch all of the drunken moments above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC via Getty Images