New study finds 66% of Americans prefer sides to the main dish at Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving food.
Thanksgiving food. Photo credit Getty Images
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Like a parent with their children, it's best not to pick favorites when it comes to Thanksgiving foods. But even still, everyone always has something they like more, and a new survey has found which states prefer what.

The report comes from Campbells and found that the top five sides for Americans at Thanksgiving are, in order, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and mac & cheese.

What's even more surprising is not the order of the top-rated side dishes but that 66% of Americans would rather have the sides than the main entree, and half of the U.S. would be content with just sides on their plate this year.

The love for sides is so great that 77% of respondents complained about never having enough room on their plates for all the sides they want to eat.

Two sides, according to the report, reign supreme above the rest: stuffing and mashed potatoes.

According to those polled nationwide, 27 states favored stuffing as the top side dish over the 22 that liked mashed potatoes more. Massachusetts was unable to make up its mind, being the only state where the two tied.

However, one key finding that the report made was that the fan-favorite stuffing, is known by different names depending on where it’s served. Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama refer to it as “dressing.”

Other quirky nuances found through the report included Arkansas, Alaska, and Idaho residents preferring nothing touches while on their plates. In Maine, Washington, and Oregon, leftover sandwiches were the most likely to be creative the next day — or night for those who can’t wait for round two.

As for those who always look to stand out from the crowd, 54% of respondents reported wanting to try something new this year instead of the same old dishes.

However, that could be out of necessity for some as the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index has shown that the cost of grocery store food has jumped 9.81% compared to last year.

Campbell’s partnered with SWNS Media Group and Dotdash Meredith to conduct the survey, utilizing responses from people and Google trends.

To see where your state lines up in the great debate of stuffing or mashed potatoes, check out Campell’s “State of the Sides” report.

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