G-Eazy on clearing the rights on ‘Return of the Mack’ and the 'big blessing' on his forthcoming album

Rosa's Risky Rotation
By , Audacy

While briefly stepping off the set of a new film, G-Eazy spoke with Audacy’s Rosa on KS107.5 about the forthcoming release of These Things Happen Too. The rapper opens up about how his next album demonstrates his own evolution throughout his career and shares some tidbits about the making of the highly anticipated record.

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As the “A Little More” artist reflects on where he started and where he is now, he notes, “none of this is promised.” Now G-Eazy is about to bestow his sixth studio album upon his fans and tells us, “it’s the best work I’ve ever made.”

“It's my maturation as a person and as an artist… It shows the evolution and growth, and I think it’s my most well-rounded body of work by far,” explains the rapper.

With features from giants such as Lil Wayne, Post Malone, LogicE-40, and more set to appear on These Things Happen Too, G-Eazy says that his process for collaborations is based heavily on who he has “chemistry” with.

“You know what I’m saying, somebody, you actually have a vibe with…there’s nothing worse than something feeling forced or phoned in. That’s not what music is,” says the Oakland native. Plus G-Eazy points out that if it’s not somebody he already knows, then it's somebody that he is a fan of, sharing, “anytime I collab with somebody it’s me being a fan of what they do.”

On his 2021 single “Provide” featuring Chris Brown and Mark Morrison, G-Eazy samples “Return of The Mack,” which had avid rap fans blown away by his sheer ability to clear the rights to use the sample.

Eazy knows the achievement was “monumental,” continuing with his remarks, “shouts out to him for clearing that and showing that love. I mean just to get to work with a song that’s already so iconic…and then get to kind of like reapproach it and then have Chris Brown on it… it's just big blessings.”

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