Move over pizza rat! Squirrel goes viral for devouring a slice in a tree

This is not the first time video of an animal eating a slice of pizza has gone viral
By , 100.3 Jack FM

First there was pizza rat, now there's pizza squirrel.

While there are plenty of people who find pizza to be irresistible, apparently a growing number of animals do as well. The internet is home to numerous videos showing different species snacking on the beloved cheesy dish.

Now, the latest version to go viral shows a squirrel sitting in a tree munching on a slice.

As seen in the video, a squirrel in Baltimore was spotted tucked away on a tree branch and enjoying the rare find.

The couple that spotted the squirrel and shared the video claim they watched it for 10 minutes from the moment the squirrel snatched the slice and took it up the tree for an unbothered meal.

According to Fox News, the original video has been viewed over 4,000 times since being posted to YouTube. It has generated many comments, along with comparisons to other viral videos of animals eating pizza.

While not everyone was a fan of the pizza eating squirrel, one consistent question many pizza lovers asked was how could someone let a full slice of pizza go to waste?

While it is unknown where the squirrel found the slice, it surely was happy with its find. Maybe one day people will learn to finish off all their pizza, but for now, bon appétit to the furry finder's keepers.

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