Sixers fan Kevin Hart responds to Jayson Tatum's post-Game 7 shoutout


Jayson Tatum had a special shoutout after scoring a Game 7 record 51 points in the Celtics' win over the 76ers on Sunday, and it had nothing to do with Mother's Day.

Nope, Tatum's shoutout was for famous comedian, Philadelphia native and diehard Sixers fan Kevin Hart, with whom Tatum does already have a relationship.

"Special shoutout to Kevin Hart. I want him to still answer my phone calls after today. No hard feelings," Tatum said during his postgame interview with ABC.

It didn't take long for Hart to respond via an Instagram video Sunday night.

"Jayson Tatum, I hate it, but I gotta give you props brother," Hart said in the video. "I gotta congratulate you, the friend you are and the true competitor you proved to be today. You showed up, you showed out, you put your foot in our ass. ... You already know what I'm about: I'm about hard work, and you proved to put in the work, which is why it paid off, brother."

Of course, Hart had to slip in some shots at Tatum and the Celtics and some expletives, too.

"Congrats. I hope you guys go get it done, do whatever the f*** you gotta do," Hart said. "Hope you're proud of yourself, f***ing a**hole."

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