50 People in Store at Time of Shooting
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Chesapeake, Va. ( - Chesapeake Police have now released a detailed timeline of the mass shooting that killed six people at the Battlefield Boulevard Walmart. Police say officers were within the store within four minutes of arriving on scene.

Chesapeake Police say they located three people, including the alleged shooter, Andre Bing of Chesapeake, in the store's breakroom. Another person was found dead near the front of the store. Three others died at the hospital.

Police say at the time of the shooting, there were 50 people in the store. Officers are asking anyone who may have witnessed what happened to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALLFBI. The Walmart is expected to be closed for several days.

Chesapeake Police say they are working to try and determine the motive. Walmart has confirmed Bing worked at the store for 10 years and was the overnight team lead.

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