MADD Launches Holiday Campaign to Promote Driver Safety

New campaign aims to help people get home safely this holiday season
MADD campaign logo
MADD campaign logo Photo credit MADD Virginia Facebook page

Richmond, Va. ( - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has launched a new campaign dubbed #ToGetThere, which encourages Americans to pledge not to drive impaired this holiday season.

Ashley Francis, spokesperson for MADD's Mid-Atlantic Region, says the holiday season tends to bring an uptick in the number of people drinking. Ultimately, this increases the odds of someone choosing to drive impaired.

"There's actually 21 million chances for you to encounter a drunk driver on the roads around the holiday season," Francis says. "We do find that this is an important time to talk about ending drunk driving."

MADD's new campaign features real families impacted by impaired driving and encourages people to pledge ToGetThere safely. People can share on social media channels to signal that they are available to help others get home safely.

The nonprofit is also providing tips for enjoying festive celebrations safely, including ways to respond if someone who is impaired wants to drive.

Featured Image Photo Credit: MADD Virginia Facebook page