Sub-Committee Rejects Protections in School Library Debate

Fairfax Democrat Wanted to Make Sure Groups aren't Targeted
State Capitol
State Capitol Photo credit Matt Demlein, WRVA

Richmond, Va. ( - A House sub-committee Tuesday morning rejected a bill that would have prevented school library books being pulled simply based on race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. The bill came as there has been a great deal of debate as to what should and should not be available in school libraries.

Delegate Karrie Delaney (D-Fairfax) proposed the bill, saying she wanted to make sure only explicit material, and not groups, were targeted. However, Delegate Dave Larock (R-Loudoun) said it would potentially make it more difficult to ban any material.

Any bill making it easier to remove books from school libraries that passes the GOP-controlled House of Delegates is likely to be defeated in the Democratically-controlled State Senate.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Matt Demlein, WRVA