Lauren Alaina looks back on her rhinestone flip flops fashion during her 'American Idol' run

The Country star can't quit competing on TV
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While hanging backstage at Audacy’s Leading Ladies Live, Katie Neal caught up with Lauren Alaina, one of the evenings headlining artists, to chat about everything from American Idol to taking on more television roles, and of course their love of Dolly Parton.

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When asked about what it was like to be able to celebrate American Idol's 20th anniversary with fellow alum Scotty McCreery, Lauren beamed with gratitude, saying, “It was so sweet. Honestly, I was doing interviews with Scotty and we were talking about all the things we’ve done. It was really nice. To see all the people that inspired me before us, and the people that came after us, it was really sweet.”

And while she describes her AI memories and outcomes as sweet, Lauren noted some of her fashion choices weren’t. Comforted by Katie, that her stint on the singing competition reality show was indeed over a decade ago, Lauren, now in retrospect, does feel some type of way about her circa 2011 audition wardrobe selections.

“I showed up in flip flops… rhinestone flip flops," Lauren said in a deadpan manner. “Not my best choice,” she continued, changing up her tune a bit, adding “but I stand behind it. I stand behind everything I’ve ever worn.” Noting, “I have classed it up a bit since the diamond flip flops,” pointing to the exquisite ensemble she had on.

Aside from doing her Country music thang, Lauren’s been stretching her skillset to television as well. Obviously starting with American Idol, which included both, Lauren has since been on Dancing With The Stars, starred in Roadhouse Romance and the CMT film The Road Less Traveled. And she most recently competed in the survival competition series Beyond the Edge. A majority of which, required some type of physical exertion.

“I just sign up for TV shows that break my bones, what am I doing? Maybe I can go on America’s Next Top Model, just kidding. I would love to walk around in a bathing suit or something that would tickle me pink.”

Next of course, on the convo topic docket, when two Country girl get together, was Dolly Parton’s much deserved induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And after confirming to Lauren that Dolly had actually allowed and accepted the honor, Katie asked what song she would cover, if she were asked to perform at Parton’s induction and why.

“I have the answer ready to go, ‘Coat Of Many Colors’, because I’ve literally inherited my great grandmother's actual coat of many colors, and I  would be sporting that coat right on in there. Get her to sign it. All the things. It’s got a matching hat. I actually just wore that outfit and sang that song at The Opry a few months ago.”

Living for the fact that Audacy’s Leading Ladies Live includes an all-female lineup, which is an unfortunate rarity, as both Katie and Lauren pointed out, Lauren went on to say she loves “all these girls that are here,” how honored she feels to be a part of “so much talent.”

As for which rising female artists she thinks next year’s lineup should include, Lauren actually had a leading lady in mind that was already the list for this year. “Tenille Arts is so great," she said after a moment of pondering. "At lunch I saw a lady with a Tenille Arts face t-shirt. I was like, I need that shirt. I didn’t talk to the lady, but I saw her. I almost asked her if I could have the shirt, but I don’t know what she would have worn if I did that.”

Watch or listen to Lauren’s entire interview above. Oh and check out this hilarious video Lauren posted on her Instagram story, calling herself out for having broccoli in her teeth on our Leading Ladies red carpet.

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