We can't look away from this picture of Quavo, Takeoff, and Tom Brady: '7 Rings. Congrats bro'

Also let's talk about that emoji selection
Tom Brady, Takeoff and Quavo
Photo credit Getty Images

Is it just us or does Tom Brady look like Quavo and Takeoff’s Sunday school teacher in this throwback pic?

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Along with a congratulatory message to the seven-time Super Bowl winner, Quavo posted this awkward photographed masterpiece, and we can’t seem to look away.

Before his confusing choice of emoji, Quavo wrote, “7 Rings. Congrats bro.” Wait? What about Ariana Grande? Oh wait never mind, seven Super Bowl rings, duh.

We knew Tom was a Migos fan, from a 2017 video that circulated the internet of Brady dancing to “Handsome & Wealthy.” We just didn’t know the feeling was mutual and it has people feeling some type of way. Some aren’t about it because of Tom’s political stances, but actually most of the internet is freaking out because of that disconcerting use of emoji.

So what do get when you mix a dash of awkward family photo vibes with a pinch of politics and sprinkle of questionable emoji usage? That’s right, some tasty Twitter troll tweets. And we’re about to force feed them to you.

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