Ally Brooke Finds Her Harmony In Her Upcoming Memoir

The pop star shares her journey

Ally Brooke is turning a new page in her career as she dawns her new memoir, Finding Your Harmony, an autobiography dedicated to the former Fifth Harmony member’s emerging career after the girl group went separate ways.

In an appearance on I’m Listening: Stay Connected, Brooke shares that it has been “such a journey,” to get to the place that she is finally at in her life. “You’ll see in my book just how big and, broad and, how difficult my journey has been, but how I’ve learned to find myself,” Ally powerfully explains. The “All-Night” singer says that being able to release this book feels like she can finally stand up on her own and exude the confidence that she had been looking for.


Finding Your Harmony takes us through Brooke's arduous road to a solo career and her time on Dancing With The Stars. However, we are also given context on Ally’s initial rise to fame as the singer shares details about auditioning for The X Factor and joining the famed girl group, Fifth Harmony.

The book, which is set to hit shelves in October, also gives the reader an inside look on Brooke’s life growing up in San Antonio, Texas. She highlights her Mexican-American roots throughout her story and shares intimate insight on her faith.

Ally tells us that she hopes the new book, “inspires people to go after their dreams and to be their best selves… because it’s so powerful and so freeing when you can truly just stand up on your own and say this is who I am.”

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