Little Mix Admits They Felt Threatened by Fifth Harmony

Spilling some tea during a game of 'Truth or Wine'

When it comes to being signed to the same label, how many girl groups is too many girl groups? According to Little Mix, two might have been one too many.

BuzzFeed caught up with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, and Leigh-Anne Pinnock to celebrate their newest release and music video for "Break Up Song." During the 15-minute chat the ladies got candid during a game of "Truth or Wine," answering a few questions us Mixers have been dying to find out.

For one, “Break Up Song” isn’t written about anyone in particular. We'll take their word for it it but have to say, this group of ladies has a real knack for tugging at the heart strings with their songs about love lost. Next, they disclosed their sixth studio album is written and was being recorded before social distancing rules came into effect due to COVID-19. Third, yes, their album will include features of which they can not yet reveal, and while the album's name has been decided, they remained mum, only clueing us in that “it’s a party.”

One thing they didn’t remain so tight lipped about, well at least Jesy didn’t, admitting she felt a slight rivalry when Fifth Harmony were signed to the same label as them.

Jesy's answer was crystal clear, even through shoddy internet connection. Always one to speak her mind, Nelson continued on to her bandmates dismay; “What!? We can say that! We always loved them, we never didn’t like them as people but there was a point where there was rivalry, not rivalry but I don’t know.. “

Perrie quickly added in, “I think what she was trying to say – there wasn’t rivalry as such because we loved them all and we did like Fifth Harmony but when they came along we were a bit like, ‘oh no other girl band!’ [It was] that kind of vibe.

Rightfully so, I mean as far as killing vibes go, I’d have to agree, this would do it. Little Mix won The X Factor in 2011, and just one year later in 2012 Fifth Harmony came third on the US version of the show. Both groups ended up being signed to Syco, Simon Cowell’s record label.

While their initial reaction was to go on the defense, the ladies quickly realized that their was plenty of record label to go around. Perrie continued, “I don’t think it was ever rivalry because they were so different. I think if they were doing the same stuff we were doing and we were similar... I don’t know, but I feel like we never thought of it as rivalry between us.”

Jade also chimed in reiterating that they never had any issues with Fifth Harmony personally, but it was “just a bit awkward.” Explaining, “I don’t think it was the actual girls, we never had a problem with the girls, it was more just a bit awkward it was the same label.”

Watch Little Mix get candid with BuzzFeed above.

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