MAX dreams of a Dolly Parton collab and he’s doing everything he can to make it happen

'Dolly Parton is my number one forever'

Every artist has their dream collaboration. For MAX, he’s doing everything in his power to make it a reality.

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MAX joined Audacy’s Bru live from Lollapalooza and shared an incredible story of how he struck up a correspondence with the legendary Dolly Parton. “Dolly Parton is my number one forever,” MAX said. “Dolly’s my queen.”

“She actually wrote me a letter,” MAX revealed. It all started after MAX put out his song “Butterflies.”

“I sent it to her after I watched her documentary and I was like, ‘you know what? Life is short, shoot your shot,’” he says, “so I had it sent to her and she wrote me this letter and I framed it in my house. Now I’m just manifesting the duet at some point.”