Taco Bell bringing back fan favorite menu item

Taco Bell
Photo credit Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Taco Bell has brought the nacho fries back.

The spicy side returned to Taco Bell Sept. 28 for a limited time, but with a new option.

Customers can now add a side of vegan nacho cheese if they so please, according to a press release.

The nacho fries were introduced tin January 2018, and have been taken off the menu and brought back a few times since their debut.

Now, the fries are able to be ordered in a regular or large size. During other go arounds, they were only available in one size.

Taco Bell
Photo credit Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Taco Bel

While the fries are currently available, the vegan nacho sauce will hit stores nationwide Oct. 12. The cheese concoction is made from a chickpea and soy base and is certified by the American Vegetarian Association.

Speaking with PEOPLE, a Taco Bell spokesperson discussed whether the fries would be at the fast food chain to stay.

“We never say never when it comes to any limited time offer making its permanence on menus,” they said.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images