Justin Bieber Accepts One-on-One Hockey Challenge From St. Louis Blues Goalie

Jordan Binnington wants to take on the Canadian singer and give him 10 chances to score.

It looks like we could have a Biebs vs. Binner showdown coming soon.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has accepted a breakaway challenge sent by St. Louis Blues All-Star goalie Jordan Binnington. It all started when the Stanley Cup Champion commented on Instagram and tagged the 25-year-old saying, "10 breakaways me vs you. You score on me I'll dye my hair platinum blonde."

Although a blond Binnington would be a sight to see (if Bieber could get one by him), the 10-time Grammy nominated singer had another idea. He accepted the challenge saying, "How bout 10 thousand dollars to charity I score and you donate to a charity of my choice and we film it."

Binnington was commenting on a video Bieber shared of himself scoring a goal and celebrating during a pickup game this week. His flamboyant celebration went viral. 

The challenge may have to wait until after the season because Binnington will be busy during the upcoming NHL All-Star break. He was named to the 2020 All-Star Central Division roster for the first time in his career. The game is hosted by St. Louis on Saturday, Jan. 25.

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