Coco Jones on 'Bel-Air,' toxic traits, and the 'plights of being a single woman'

'In every person there is a little bit of toxicity, but the goal is to be healthy'
Coco Jones
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Is Coco Jones toxic or nah? While she is single and not necessarily looking for a relationship, Jones shares some of her toxic traits and talks about how she balances her mental health, her childhood and more as she sat down with Princess Stormm of The Stormm Show on St. Louis’ Hot 104.

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Jones shared that balancing childhood in the industry was difficult, but she is most appreciative of her parents for never forcing anything on her. “I wanted to be a star,” she said, which is what helped her push herself and her parents to get her to this point. And while she originally thought basketball was going to be her “come-up” she had to take a “permanent time-out” to pursue acting and singing.

She recently released the deluxe version of her EP, What I Didn’t Tell You and while some may wonder “who exactly is she singing to or about?” Jones says she’s singing about the “plights of being a single woman.”

“Sometimes I want this guy, sometimes I just want attention, sometimes I want nobody, stop talking to me,” she said, ensuring that's what makes her music so relatable, the up and down aspect of being single.

Does this make her toxic?

She admitted that she can be a little toxic and has shown that in her music, especially in songs like “ICU.” While many see the song as loving, Jones revealed there are some toxic undertones within the lyrics. However, she believes that “in every person there is a little bit of toxicity, but the goal is to be healthy, so that you can love healthy and accept healthy love.”

And speaking of health, Jones shared how she balances her mental health and how her holy grail is therapy. “I’m a very big advocate for therapy. Therapy is huge for me,” she said, adding that having a supportive friend group has been very beneficial for her.

“Sometimes your friends become your family. Sometimes your family ain’t really your friends.”

Bel-Air fans could possibly look forward to some new romantic interest for Hillary in season two, “Without me giving some spoilers, there’s a lot more love than she expected. And now, I feel like she’s kind of in a sticky situation and her choices – she can’t keep all of the love. Somebody’s gonna have to go. That’s all I’m gonna say,” she said.

As she continues on in her music career, she shared that some of her dream collaborations include Beyoncé, Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

Listen to the full talk with Coco Jones above.

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