Michael Blackson on his Kevin Hart beef, and Nick Cannon the 'baby-making machine'

'As a comedian... we make fun of everybody and everything'
Michael Blackson
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On a brand new episode of Impulsive with Logan Paul, cold-blooded comedian and actor, Michael Blackson, joins to roast the boys, divulge about his open relationship with his fiancé, discuss his beef with Kevin Hart, and reveal secrets from Wild ’N Out, and more.

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After arriving and roasting the podcast boys real quick, Michael got straight to it, giving a bit of background on his come-up and revealing that regardless of where his career has taken him, his first love is and will always be comedy.

Speaking of love, Blackson also discussed his love life, revealing that he’s currently engaged. That said, before he put a ring on it, he had some stipulations. “I was single, living my life, and I enjoyed being single because I had a four-year relationship prior to that,” he said. Noting that before committing he voiced that he’d “need some kind of benefits.”

“So I get one side chick a month,” Michael savagely revealed, before getting into the logistics of the agreement and his particular preferences when it comes to partners. As well as disclosing, that despite his fiancé’s thoughts on the matter, he prefers to keep a roster of his Top 12, rather than meet a bunch of groupie randos.

Michael also touched on his prior drama with Kevin Hart, “As a comedian man, we make fun of everybody and everything,” Blackson admitted. “I don’t pick and choose, if something happens, I’m clowning you. And it was around that time Kev was going through something,” Michael said, referring to Hart’s cheating scandal without outright saying it.

Blackson continued, “I made fun of how he came out and talked about it before it even came out. So I made fun of… I just said, he snitching on himself… I think he just had a problem with me going too much with it, cause I mean when I go in, I just go in.”

While their beef ended up getting its 15 minutes of fame, as of now it's been squashed and both have moved on.

The conversation eventually veered to the topic of his children, a subject matter Blackson’s Wild ’N Out boss at Nick Cannon knows a whole lot about. “Nick has a baby every other week,” Michael joked. Before sharing that he’s bout to film “three new episodes next month,” of Cannon’s successful comedy show.

The comical conversation only continued from there. For every hilarious moment, listen to the entire episode above.

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