KFC has launched new chicken wraps for a limited time

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KFC has announced a new menu item that is a twist on a past item. In 2014, KFC retired the Twister Wrap and while they aren’t bringing it back, something similar will be available starting Monday, Feb. 6. The new KFC Wraps will be available nationwide for a limited time. The wraps will come in two options and available in a two-for-$5 meal deal or a $7.99 combo, which includes your choice of two wraps, a medium drink and fries.

The first is a classic chicken wrap that includes an extra crispy tender, pickles and mayo all wrapped up in a tortilla shell. The other will come with an extra crispy tender, KFC coleslaw, spicy sauce and pickles all wrapped in a tortilla shell.

People have been wanting McDonald's to bring back their popular snack wraps, but KFC beat them to it. Try out one of these KFC wraps now before they are gone again!

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