The Grammy Goody Bag is worth about $60,000.. but what is in it!?

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This gift basket is worth about $60,000 and contains a wide variety of different items. Here is what is in the Grammy Goody Bag:

-Red Vines licorice, prenatal vitamins, CLIF bars

-The highest-end items included are a Bugaboo luxury stroller (worth $1,350); a gift card for $10,000 worth of Botox, fillers and chemical peels at a New-York based doctor’s office; and a voucher for liposuction with Art Lipo Plastic Surgery.

-A cake pop baking kit

-Fancy honey

-L.O.L Surprise! dolls

-Chilean wines

-A “pre-drinking supplement” that claims to break down alcohol before it reaches your liver

-A “personal transformation session” with a spiritual coach

-Complementary project management on a home remodel or construction project

-A toy NERF gun



-A deck of cards to help “focus on creating your positive energy”

That may seem like a lot of stuff already, but you don't just receive a gift bag. There's also a whole gift lounge with even more goodies that is open for presenters and performers to peruse during the three days of Grammy rehearsals. The lounge includes giveaways like free pool cleaners, Havaianas flip-flops, a robot dog and “premium” socks.

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