Cheri Oteri brings cheer to the 'Fly On The Wall' podcast: Listen to her 'SNL' memories now

'All your characters are a pain in the ass, by the way,' says fellow alum David Spade
Cheri Oteri
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For fans who had the pleasure of witnessing comedian Cheri Oteri's tenure as a cast member on NBC's hit sketch show Saturday Night Live, one simple yet very revealing word should come to mind: Intensity.

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Oteri's commitment to the numerous roles she played on SNL -- from her loud-mouthed neighborhood gab Rita DelVecchio, to the pill-addicted Collette Reardon and Arianna the Spartan cheerleader -- had viewers on the edge of their seats with laughter and wondering what she could come up with next.

Joining the Fly On The Wall podcast this week, Cheri spoke with fellow Saturday Night Live alums Dana Carvey and David Spade to look back on their shared experiences on and off the show. Off the bat, Carvey joked that Cheri wouldn't remember her time with Spade on the show, which lasted only one season, but she did in fact have some embarrassing tidbits. (Un?)fortunately, they were centered around David passing out in a restaurant, and his self-centered dating style.

A Philadelphia-area native, Cheri got her start in Los Angeles with the Groundlings comedy troupe alongside Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan, and Jennifer Coolidge. "At that time it was 50/50 as far as NBC and [producer] Lorne [Michaels] deciding," she explains. "Votes? I don't know how they did it; they had to be in agreement," Cheri adds, which, naturally, sent everyone into a flurry of impersonations of their former boss.

Two sketches that Cheri had written featuring Ferrell were chosen by Lorne for their first show; "Always and Forever," centered around an '80s prom couple, and "Althea On the Plane," which originally featured herself as a kid in an airplane cockpit with Ferrell as Captain Chase. "I ended up doing that when Chevy Chase hosted -- I had to change the name of the captain because it was actually his name," she remembers. "I remember I said to him, here I am, all wide-eyed," embodying one of her characters, 'It was Captain Chase and I had to change it because you're really Chase huh huuh!'"

"All your characters are a pain in the ass, by the way," Spade laughs.

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