This Ozzy Osbourne, Beach Boys mash-up is our summer soundtrack

The perfect mix of sunshine and doom… in perfect harmony
The Beach Boys and Ozzy Osbourne
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By , Audacy

We don’t know about you, but we plan on head banging and joyfully finger snapping to this Ozzy Osbourne/Beach Boys mash-up from now, into the foreseeable future.

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Seriously though, it takes a special kind of mind, that of a warped genius to hear the music of metal’s own Prince Of Darkness, and say, hey you know what’s missing? Some Beach Boys.

Well, lucky for us, such a mind exists, in internet mash-up king DJ Cummerbund. It is he we have to thank for imagining that one of his most gloomy, mournful songs would make perfect sense when merged together with one of the sunniest, most uplifting and joyous pure pop bands of all time.

Yes, on paper It makes no sense, the idea of splicing Ozzy’s 1991 power ballad “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” from the singer’s sixth studio album, No More Tears with the Beach Boys’ effervescent “Fun, Fun, Fun.” Really though, it shouldn’t work, but somehow despite their sharply contrasting moods and flip-flopping chord progressions, somehow, the two song unite perfectly, and give a fresh perspective to otherwise two familiar classics.

We salute you DJ Cummerbund, we salute you. Let things get weird in the best way and listen to “Mama I'm Fun, Fun, Fun” below, promise you won’t regret it.

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